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Digicare eliminates the all of the additional paperwork associated with those in supported healthcare environments- including nursing homes, hospitals, and community settings.

  • No hardware as it works on your phone, laptop or desktop

  • No software costs – it is free to use for all doctors registered in Ireland  

  • No need to ever sign a paper kardex or drugs sheet again

  • As you make a change, digicare notifies your surgery or team creates a prescription that is sent to the patients nominated pharmacy through healthmail

  • When working remotely, even securely on your phone, the healthcare team are notified of your changes

  • Digicare is updated each month to ensure you can see what medicines are covered under government schemes

  • Just One click to see all changes, discontinues meds or to look at the short course history

  • Digicare allows you to batch the preparation of repeat prescriptions based on your preference

  • ​Digicare allows you to see how often they are using as required medications with the click of a button

  • Digicare allows you to display the relevant information to help make better decisions – diagnostic,  your last notes, allergies based on what matters to you

  • Digicare blocks the prescribing of medication that the patient is allergic to even if the notes have spelling mistakes

  • Create transfer or discharge prescriptions with the click of a button that includes a history of changes during their stay

  •  Digicare selected by Enterprise Ireland in the First 25 healthcare solutions In Ireland

  • Over 10 years ago, we developed a cloud-based  medication management auditing system

  • Winners of the 2022 Irish Pharmacy Awards for Innovation for our use of automation in high risk dispensing

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