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  • Everyone involved in the care  has on demand access to an up to date, secure, legible and intuitive patient medication record whenever and wherever they need it                                                                                                                                                             

  • We dramatically reduce the amount of medication errors and hence the number of investigations needed by at least 10 fold 

  • Risk reduction by allowing live monitoring and intervention of high risk activities as well as automating information transfer 24 hours a day-365  days per year .

  • Improved reporting of current and historical data based on a standardised medical product file which is updated monthly and based on the National medicinal product file so also suitable for financial reporting - budgets.

  • The ability to  benchmark against peers anonymously 

  • Improved work flow and time savings by automating  repetitive and mundane tasks and then freeing up time for patient care 

  • Ease of adaption with the most user friendly software available 

  • Commitment to integrate with other systems with the ability to import and export data easily - we bring  your data  together                                                                            

  • Free digital academy to allow your team to learn anytime , anywhere with powerful  reporting functionality                                            

  • Our experience in 100s of installations including over 5000 patients  allows us to onboard  any  registered centre - including hospitals and nursing homes in less than a month without any additional staff costs.

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