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Digicare eliminates the all of the additional paperwork associated with those in supported healthcare environments- including nursing homes, hospitals, and community settings.

  • No need to ever print a sheet again so eliminates expensive colour print costs and the delays  in paperwork  associated with on call doctors.

  • Kardexes are always live as they are updated when a prescriber makes a change.

  • Just One click to see all changes, discontinues meds or to look at the short course history.

  • As the doctors make a change, your pharmacy team receives a prescription via healthmail the second the doctor signs.

  • Digicare allows you to see how often they are using as required medications with the click of a button

  • ​Digicare creates the monthly order and provides information on usage throughout the month.

  • With one click Digicare helps to predict what to dispense with the monthly order and reduces the interim orders during the month.

  • Digicare allows you to display the relevant information to make better decisions  – diagnostic,  your last notes, allergies based on what matters to you.

  • Digicare blocks the prescribing of medication that the patient is allergic to.

  • Digicare costs less than the print costs of MAR sheets !

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